At the age of 13  years old   Rip Carson posted an add on Craig's list in search of a drummer and bassist to to bring his teen punk garage band  The Washouts into fruition.  Having lived in West Virginia prior to moving to San Diego, a young Rip  witnessed his uncles ripsnortin' rockabilly band perform.  Rip became steeped in the sounds of the  rock and rollers of the southeast and beyond. Any band that had that sound...The sound of insanity, the sound of controlled chaos, the sound of raw rock and roll.  The  Washouts released two records on the Golly Gee indie label . Carson in the meantime,  evolved into a world traveling Rockabilly sensation, known for raceous live shows and monkey-man-like acrobatics. My Simple Life, his rockabilly classic can be heard on Spotify as well as The Washouts,  from the retrospective  double album, I Was A Tenneage Washout.   He  has an amazing Elvis-like voice and can play any instrument he puts his hands 0n.  Travis-picking and song craft became his forte as he now stands as one of the best in the business of guitar slinger/singer.  After a break from touring and teaming up with Boston transplant Mike Press , (Seven LeagueBoots, Elbow, Drunken Boat) on drums , Rip Carson  is set to get back on the road in support of his new album Anywhere But Here. The evolution evolves on and Carson is now creating  pop, garage, rockabilly indie gems that go down so deliciously you are gonna want More and More of the hook-laden double ANTANDA ,  POST APOCALYPTICAL  POP.              PLEASE STOP AND SHOP

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